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First, review Module 1—The Call to Missions—by clicking that tab at the top of the first page. At the first of the module, there is a list of objectives for you to read. To help you learn these objectives, you should answer the questions interspersed throughout the module. You can refer to the answers listed at the end of the course. When you finish studying the course, you should then again answer the questions to see how much you have remembered. Following these questions are the answers. Before studying another module, please be sure that you understand all of the answers to the module you studied. You may wish to download Module 1 to your computer or print it for your study (see step 4 below).

Each module contains links to other websites that provide free information related to that module. The other websites may also contain links. By following the links, you can get extensive training on the topics covered in the modules.

Second, please click the tab TERMS OF USE on the Main Page. By enrolling in our modules, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use.

Third, access the list of Modules 2 through 9 by clicking on COURSES at the top of the main page. To study these modules, you must enroll in our program. The courses are free. We ask that you enroll in the classes so that we may know if we are effectively reaching people with our training. Also, we may be able to provide helpful consultation as you seek to serve as a missionary or as a church leader among people that have not been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fourth, feel free to download the modules to your computer or print them for your study. Click on DOWNLOAD on the Main Page.

Fifth, after you study all modules and correctly answer all questions at the end of each module, you may receive a Certificate of Completion.

Your completing the modules will help to prepare you to answer God’s call to ministry. After you complete the modules, we recommend that you again review The Call to Mission module. Then pray for God’s guidance. If you are called to take the Gospel to an unreached people group, but are uncertain about where God is calling you to go, you may find it helpful to study the website


If you wish to receive a Certificate of Completion upon successfully finishing your study of the modules, click on the Terms of Use tab for details.

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