Module Examination - Call to Missions

1. Missions work may include:
     A) Feeding the hungry
     B) Visiting lonely people
     C) Helping the sick
     D) All of the above

2. The primary purpose of missions is to:
     A) Spread the Gospel
     B) Build church buildings in foreign countries
     C) Go into existing churches and disciple believers
     D) All of the above

3. You can know you have received eternal life because:
     A) The Bible says you can know
     B) You have done enough good deeds to be saved
     C) You confess Christ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead
     D) Both A and C

4. You can be guided by God when you:
     A) Receive the Holy Spirit
     B) Obey God’s commandments
     C) Renew your mind as you mature in faith
     D) All of the above

5. As you evangelize in areas not previously evangelized, you can see what God is doing by:
     A) Reading the Bible
     B) Following your plan for evangelizing
     C) Prayerfully testing evangelistic plans and see how people respond
     D) None of the above

6. Christians should look to see what God is doing in the world, and join him in that work because:
     A) Jesus only did what he saw his Father doing
     B) We can only be successful when we are in the will of God
     C) Jesus submitted completely to God’s plans
     D) All of the above

7. As we obey God and mature in the faith, we learn how to be guided by God because:
     A) Our minds are renewed so we think more like Christ
     B) We no longer sin
     C) We acquire more spiritual gifts
     D) None of the above

8. The Holy Spirit communicates to us primarily through:
     A) An audible voice
     B) A quiet way—placing thoughts in our minds
     C) Miracles
     D) Dreams

9. You should go to the mission field to work only if:
     A) God is calling you to go
     B) Your pastor approves of your going
     C) You have been obedient to God from an early age
     D) All of the above

10. When you seek God’s guidance and you get different answers, which of the following sources takes precedence over the other sources?
     A) Your pastor
     B) Circumstances
     C) Bible
     D) An interpretation of tongues

11. The Apostle Paul wrote that:
     A) Tongues are never to be used in a church service
     B) He personally did not speak in tongues
     C) Tongues that one doesn’t understand have no value
     D) None of the above

12. Prophets are those who
     A) Proclaim God’s word for today
     B) Foretell of future events
     C) Spoke during Biblical times
     D) All of the above

13. Today God may want you to be guided by
     A) Dreams
     B) Flipping a coin
     C) Horoscopes
     D) Seeking a sign

14. You have waited for ten years for God to direct you in your career, and you don’t have a clear direction. You should:
     A) Know that God is not going to direct you in this area of your life
     B) Continue to seek direction from God
     C) Don’t do any work in the church until God tells you to
     D) Realize that you have not received the Holy Spirit

15. You feel called to missions, but you are afraid of public speaking and afraid of serving in another country. You should:
     A) Do what your parents tell you to do regarding this matter
     B) Continue to seek God’s will regarding your call
     C) Realize that you are not qualified to be a missionary in another country
     D) Ask God for a sign that will show you his will

16. Today, God may use which of the following to guide you:
     A) Miracles
     B) Visions
     C) Bible
     D) All of the above

17. The primary means of God’s guidance today does not include:
     A) Visions
     B) Circumstances
     C) Prayer
     D) Church

18. Since God often guides us one day at a time, we should:
     A) Avoid making plans for the future
     B) Make plans and change them as the Lord directs
     C) Avoid praying for God to help us plan for the future
     D) Make plans and stick with them

19. You have tried to follow God’s guidance and failed. You should:
     A) Realize that God doesn’t guide all Christians
     B) Again seek direction from the Lord
     C) Seek wise counsel from the church
     D) Both B and C

20. Suppose you are married. You feel called to go to the mission field, but your spouse is unwilling to go. You should:
     A) Go without your spouse
     B) Pray that God will cause both you and your spouse to be in agreement with him
     C) Divorce your spouse
     D) None of the above


1. D
2. A
3. D
4. D
5. C
6. D
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. D
12. D
13. A
14. B
15. B
16. D
17. A
18. B
19. D
20. B